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Our Estate Planning Process

Clients are at the center of everything we do. Small estates or large. Complex estates or simple ones. If we do our job, at the end of the estate planning process, you will know how your P.L.A.N.™ provides purpose, direction, and control over your legacy. After all, the documents we create together belong to you. They comprise your P.L.A.N.™

We want you to understand how the estate planning process works at The Sullivan Law Firm. Let’s get started!

First, we need to hear from you. Call or email. After you speak with someone in our estate planning and probate administration practice group, you will be asked to provide some initial information to get us started. You will also be invited to meet with an attorney for the first step in our process. This is really where everything begins on your path to Protecting Loved ones & Assets Now — having a P.L.A.N.™

The Four Steps in Our Estate Planning Process

Step 1 : Estate Planning Goals


At this initial meeting, we discuss your values and estate planning goals, and estate planning options.​

​Between the first and second meetings, we will work together to compile the information needed to develop an estate plan proposal for you.

At this second meeting, we will present you with and

discuss a detailed proposal. You can ask questions. We can make changes, but you should leave this meeting with an outline of the plan developed and an understanding of what your estate plan is intended to do.

Before we finish the Planning & Design Meeting, we will agree on a date and time for you to return to our office to be presented with your estate plan documents.

Step 2: Your Estate Plan Design

Listen & Learn
Planning & Design

Step 3 : Signing Your Estate Plan

Signing Meeting

At this final meeting, you will be presented with your estate plan. This is the meeting where all of the documents that comprise your estate plan will be signed.

Step 4 : Putting Your Estate Plan Where it Can Be Found

Estate Plan Distribution

Heading 1

Shortly after your signing meeting, your original estate plan will be sent to you (or you can pick it up from the office, if that is easier for you). You will also be given electronic copies of your estate plan documents.  Where you keep your estate plan is crucially important (see Where do You Keep a Will ).  If your will can’t be found when it’s needed, it can’t be used!

If you opt for a trust-based plan, you will have the option to continue to work together to ensure that your trust is properly funded.

P.L.A.N.™ – Protect Loved Ones & Assets Now

At The Sullivan Law Firm, we believe that it is important to Protect Loved ones & Assets Now) — Have a P.L.A.N.™.  Dying without a will in Georgia can put your heirs in limbo for years and add unnecessary stress to a situation which is already very difficult (see What Happens if I Die Without a Will in Georgia).

The estate planning process belongs to everyone. Once you have your P.L.A.N.™ in place, you’ll be ready for when you need it most — when it’s time to put into action either due to death, disability, or incapacity.

At The Sullivan Law Firm, we look forward to working with you to create a P.L.A.N.™ that reflects your values. Call or email us to get started on putting your P.L.A.N.™ together today.

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