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We make choosing your P.L.A.N. simple.

We want to help you provide for your loved ones through a P.L.A.N.(tm) that preserves and passes on your goals, value, and wealth.  For us, it is about legacy, peace of mind, and serving a wide range of clients. 

We want to make it easy for everyone to have an estate plan, so we offer 4 different types of P.L.A.N.s at 4 different levels:

  • Will-based 
    • Bronze​

  • Trust-based
    • Silver (Streamlined)

    • Gold (Protection), and

    • Platinum (Concierge) 

Because we believe that you have an estate -- everyone does -- and can benefit from having a written plan for that estate regardless of the amount, value, or complexity of your assets, each level is designed to meet your needs. There is no "one size fits all" approach to estate planning. We are here to listen and to create a P.L.A.N. to reflect your life, values, and legacy. 

If you are interested in special needs planning, look at the Silver Streamlined P.L.A.N.(tm), then reach out to us directly to set up a consultation. 

Will-based Plans


Bronze P.L.A.N.
Trust-based Plans


Silver (Streamlined)

Gold (Protection)

Platinum (Concierge) 

Trust-Based PL.A.N.s
Silver P.L.A.N.
Gold P.L.A.N.
Platinum P.L.A.N.
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